Raising Special Kids is an organization of families helping families of children with disabilities and special health needs in Arizona.

For more than three decades, Raising Special Kids has helped parents navigate through the uncertainty, confusion, and worry of parenting a child with a disability. Families receive support to understand the complexity of federal and state programs, insurance, special education, therapy, and other concerns. With guidance, training, education, and mentoring parents become effective advocates for their children and children have the chance for a better future.

According to "Jill", “It’s our job as parents to help our children get over as many of life’s hurdles as we can. The only way we can do that is to be armed with information, support and knowledge so we can advocate for our children. Raising Special Kids provides a huge step in finding that success.”

Each year Raising Special Kids provides training, information, individual mentoring and assistance to more than 7,000 families of children with disabilities. Additionally, thousands of professionals – teachers, physicians, therapists, and social workers - receive training and information to help them understand the perspective of families raising children with disabilities.

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