Children First Academy strives to serve the whole child by providing hope, fostering strength, and facilitating self-determination.


The Children First Academies, established in 2008, consist of two schools in the metropolitan Phoenix area of Arizona (one in Tempe and the other in Phoenix) serving and educating some 550 homeless and underprivileged K-9 students. The vast majority of our students are homeless, and all live below the poverty line. The purpose of the schools is to provide a high quality education for these children by doing two things. First, reduce and eliminate the barriers and obstacles that interfere with the education of each child. Second, provide an educational curriculum that brings each child's performance at least up to their proper grade level. The schools address the physical, mental and emotional barriers and obstacles to education by providing many on-site services (medical, dental, counseling), material items (clothing, food, hygiene items, availability of showers, washers & dryers) and unique adaptations to normally mundane services (flexible bus routes that can change daily based on frequent moving of children's families).


We are committed to fighting the devastating effects of homelessness and extreme poverty on children. The experience, often spanning their entire childhood, is extremely debilitating as it damages emotional and physical health, impedes development, and interferes with a child's education


The Children First Academies serve and educate some 550 homeless and underprivileged K-9 students. All of the students are either homeless or live below the poverty line.

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