The mission of the Arizona 4-H Youth Foundation is to provide advocacy, support and increased opportunities for all 4-H youth in Arizona.

4-H is giving today's youth that extra edge for life success through hands-on, research-based educational programs and opportunities. Youth hold the future in their hands, but they need your support. Arizona 4-H annually touches the lives of more than 115,000 youth all over the state--rural, urban, suburban, military bases and tribal communities and reservations.

The 4-H Study of Positive Youth Development, a longitudinal study conducted by the Institute for Applied Research in Youth Development at Tufts University, shows 4-H youth are:

  • —2.2 times more likely to get better grades in school;
  • —2 times more likely to plan to go to college;
  • —4.9 times more likely to graduate from college as other youth;
  • —2.8 times more likely to engage in healthy habits;
  • —Nearly 2 times more likely to positively contribute to their communities;
  • —2.5 times more likely than other youth to have greater civic involvement.

Arizona 4-H is one of the pillar organizations that have contributed to the fabric of the state for 100 years. Without 4-H, Arizona would be a much different place. The thousands of volunteers and participants have made critical contributions back to the state because of the 4-H value of giving back. Won't you help by giving something yourself?

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